Educational Advisory

At Daffodils and Pearls Educational Advisory Services, we partner with schools to develop creative strategies that tackle the most challenging issues facing early years and primary education. We work with school heads and owners to develop the requisite tools and identify opportunities that allow them to address the rapidly evolving educational landscape in early years and primary education. 

Our team includes experts in classroom and school designs, performance assessment, academic and physical planning, and technology services. We are passionate about developing insights to inform design, innovation and strategy. 


Our expertise encompasses:

  • Curriculum and environmental support that will improve the early learning opportunities on offer.
  • Suggestions to improve the quality of teaching and learning to meet the requirements of the ministry of education.
  • support to ensure that effective assessment and monitoring is in place and that children are making at least expected progress, and many good progress, from their starting points.
  • The delivery of central or bespoke professional development and assistance with identifying appropriate training.
  • Support to ensure the promotion of equality and diversity and meeting the individual needs of children.
  • Guidance when writing and implementing an effective action plan after a ministry of education inspection.
  • Guidance and advice for practitioners working with children with special educational needs and disabilities.