Classroom management is a skill that prepares teachers for success in the classroom. Teachers get better at facilitating classroom learning by

understanding children behavior and creating an environment where learning proceeds without disruption and minimizing the interruptions to learning, keeping children engaged, and getting things done in the classroom.

Course Objective

This course will explore the key concern of classroom management through the essential development and use of effective teaching strategies. The course will also provide participants with practical strategies and deeper understanding of the theory and practice of good classroom management and good teaching.

The main objectives of this course are as follows:

  • To generate awareness in teachers to play multiple roles of a mentor, guide, parent, friend and counselor, as needed by the children.
  • To include creative, innovative teaching tools to make learning more easy and enjoyable.
  • To make children learn and revise at the school itself as their home atmosphere may not be conducive for learning.
  • To understand visual, auditory and kinaesthetic children personalities.

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